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Gates accessories, hinges, pivots, locks, wheels, tracks, gates stop etc...

®La Boutique 83, wrought iron specialist has a permanent stock of more than 2800 items for your metalwork projects, for wrought iron/decoration. You will find in these pages, items to fix, assemble gates, iron fencing and accessories for the like excellent quality level We sauce our products locally on price and build quality.
We sell to the Professional builders and also to the general public/handyman.

Wheels and Rails
Wheels and Rails A large selection of wheels for your sliding gates, with axis, internal or external mounting. From Ř2" to Ř7"7/8.
Available in stainless steel Ř4" and Ř4" 23/32

Gate stop for swing type gates
Gate stop for swing type gates Classic rocker gate stop in black cast iron.
This section offers other galvanized steel gate stops with rubber stamps to fix or weld and ground stops with or without locking tab.

End Cap for Pilasters
End Cap for Pilasters Post end cap for iron pilasters will cover your square tubes from 1"3/16sq to 4"23/32sq. They are also available in stainless steel with sections 3"5/32 sq and 5"11/32 sq.
Guides and Rollers Guides
Guides and Rollers Guides Sliding gates rollers, sliding gates top guides with modular spacing, galvanized support.
These items are essential in designing your sliding gate

Tracks for sliding gates.
Tracks for sliding gates. These rails are fixed to the floor or sealed. They are available for the wheels in inverted V or U of Ř9/16" and Ř25/32". A stainless steel rail is now available. All the tracks can be delivered in 2m or 3m (78" or 110")
Lock accessories
Lock accessories Essential accessories to set up or enhance your locks. Weldable lock boxes, lock cylinders, handles, gate closers and door knobs will enhance the look of your gate.
Locks and Locinox locks.
Locks and Locinox locks. A wide selection of locks of all types, mortise locks, rim locks, hybrid mortise lock for metal. They come in stainless steel or bichromate. They are delivered with a European cylinder, often reversible lock bolts.
Drop bolt for gates
Drop bolt for gates These gate locks are steel bichromated welded or fixed by screws.
Also a lock to keep a gate in open or closed position.

Reinforcement angles
Reinforcement angles These reinforcements angles advantageously reinforce the corners of your gates and fences improving their appearance.
These steel reinforcements welded angles are available in 1"3/16sq, 1"9/16sq or 2".

Hinges and Pivots
Hinges and Pivots All hinges and pivots to articulate your doors. Hinge to pose, hinges welding, adjustable hinges, and seal pivots. With or without ball bearings.
Hinges opening your gates to 180°.


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